Memories link to our emotions on so many different levels that scientists have started therapies that involve emotional platforms to key memories. Music therapy helps people pull forgotten memories from childhood to the present! How many times has a song transported you back in your mind to a time or place in the past and maybe even invoked tears of joy, sorrow or peace?

Did you ever lift a conch shell to your ear to hear what sounds like the ocean? Did it make you feel you were actually there?

Does the smell of a new rain bring back a childhood memory of Grandmother’s house or a field where you played with your best friend? Our olfactory receptors are now known to be a key to diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease.

Certain fabrics and the way they feel can bring back moments of love or anxiety. What you experience now is so tied to your entire life experience that we often jump to conclusions based on a past struggle or success that has nothing at all to do with the present!

How do memories effect your day to day life?