In 2014 a book by Wallace J. Nichols called ‘Blue Mind’ expounded the scientific proof of the health and spiritual benefits of being near, on, or in water. It doesn’t take a genius to know that this is one reason people love to take vacations in areas where there are water views and sports. People retire in tropical areas close to beaches, fishing and boating.

A walk on the beach, shore or riverbank isn’t so much the sand or even the walk, it is the restfulness of the waster. Many of us can attest to this as we are still buying sounds on tape, disk, or download of the ocean and rainforest to lull us to sleep after a day of intense business. Can you believe this trend started in the 1960’s with the ‘hippie’ movement?

Poetry has been written about the romance of the sea from Poe, Wittman, Kilmer, Hugo and on goes the list like the waves they themselves describe. Water like air is a source of life and possesses us as we possess it. Can we dream so sweet a place as the mountains reflection in a pure crystal lake or the light house rising on the distant shore of the ocean? Probably not! All the more reason we seek to live near the water.